Just as with rehab programs, there are quite a few different aftercare programs that you can choose from. Many people start with a more intensive program and step down to less intensive ones whenever they are ready. 

Alcohol use disorder, or AUD, is the clinical term for an addiction to alcohol. This chronic brain disorder can range from mild to severe, with the worst cases often being referred to as alcoholism.

Drug detox is the process of flushing all of the drugs and built-up toxins out of your system. Because detox often involves unpleasant and potentially life-threatening side effects, called withdrawal, detox is best done at an addiction treatment facility.

If you are currently dealing with an addiction, and are looking for a way to get help without relying totally on medications and other non-natural healing methods, then a holistic detox and addiction therapy program may be just what you are looking for.

Trying to stop using opioids or alcohol is often extremely difficult to accomplish on your own. Not only are cravings very intense, withdrawal symptoms are often unpleasant, leaving you with a high chance of relapse to simply make the symptoms go away.